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Presidential Book Found in a Lot of Old Books

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

This is a find that I believe is very interesting. I believe this was found amongst books in an estate cleanout I was a part of. months later while going through the items that we held onto we found an Inscription to Mrs. Grover Cleveland. With a little research, you will find that President Cleveland was the first Democrat elected after the civil war. Mainly due to the fact that the Confederate States were largely Democrat. But who was Mrs. Grover Cleveland? Her Name was actually Francis. Well, to be honest, her real name was Frank in honor of an uncle. However, Francis at the time was much more fitting a name for a girl. She married Grover Cleveland when she was 21 years old, which made her the Youngest first lady. Grover Cleveland was 49 at the time. He was a family friend and had known her since she was an infant. Her life was filled with controversy following the death of her husband. Including, supporting the concept of indoctrinating school children to be Pro-war during WWI.

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